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Since 2008, ALOMA PUBLISHER Group for Cultural Investment was established and has undertaken to publish outstanding works of literature, science and history through a deliberate and balanced approach in choosing our publications and subjects. The Umma Group has produced, through its brands, nearly 1800 titles in various sciences and literature for a group of leading writers, authors and researchers of the Arab world. As well as hundreds of new writers, authors and researchers.

ALOMA pays special attention to literary and historical works and refereed researches..

By following strict quality rules we always offer our readers our publications in the best format, maximum production quality, with the best prices and the easiest ways to get publications in the Arab world....

We always strive to provide our BOOKS versions at the best prices in the Arab world, so our publications are always available at a competitive price appropriate to the reader by country and local price, in addition to multiple sales channels that meet the requirements of all readers in all countries.

    The Nation Group is always open to all partnerships and alliances that will improve our business and that of our partners. , And the international promotion of publications.

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E-mail : [email protected]

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