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Basics of programming using Visual Basic 2015

Basics of programming using Visual Basic 2015
Basics of programming using Visual Basic 2015

Visual Basic, also called “Visual Basic” and abbreviated to “VB”, is one of the main languages ​​widely taught in all universities and higher institutes as well as intermediate in Libya, because of the importance of this language because it is an easy to understand, learn and use programming language It is very close to human language (English) through its use of English terminology without resorting to change or abbreviation. Visual Basic is a programming language that has a wide potential in the design and implementation of many types of software required by the local market, and because of the severe lack of Arabic references provided in this language, we have seen that we author this book to be a help and reference for all students of computer departments in higher education in Libya, as well as faculty members, where this book presents the language of BASIC by providing many examples solved using the text user interface This book presents a set of applications analyzed using the graphical user interface, which was preceded by a thorough explanation of how to design and twist. This book includes a detailed explanation of the application of a small student system that illustrates the most important and most popular ways to connect the application of Visual Basic with the databases “Access” in 2013 as well as “Sql Server” in 2014. Also, through this application we explained the ways of performing various operations on the data stored in the databases.

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